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It is possible to achieve your dreams.  A Stroke of Genius
For all of Peters life he has faced unimaginable challenges and defied the odds to become one of Australia’s most compelling Speakers. Peter is helping inspire audiences around the country become unwaveringly committed to live a better life and live out their dreams. Audiences will come away with the ability to: over come the biggest challenges; resolve conflict quickly; and build internal strength to resolve any obstacle that may cross their life’s path.
To be a global keynote speaker you would expect I have faced challenges and over come them right? I have faced extreme odds for all my life and still prevailed,   I don’t know how to give up, this is what I share with my audience. 

To have an expert level of determination; resilience; persistence; patience and power be constantly bombarded with huge problems for 25 years or learn the ultimate tools a business needs in 1hr to achieve your dreams. 
Peter was once labelled "Adelaide's most bullied kid..."
Peter Dempsey had a really rough start to life, having a brain injury which changed the rest of his life. Despite his young age, he needed to study the art and science of the mind through trial and error, consciously building the basic skills again. Through out primary school, he worked out patterns through the environment appeared around him as such he could then move faster through it, gaining faster and faster results. Learning valuable lessons about patience, perseverance, goal setting long term pin point focused his energy. 

He poured his learnt skills into Ten Pin Bowling while in high school quickly becoming State Champion Bowler then National Champion Bowler several years running. 

After high school he was labelled as “Adelaide most bullied kid” 100s of calls went to his house realising there was many others like him he devoted his future to helping others strive forward quickly and illuminating obstacles. A few years later ending up on the state board of mental health for complex needs. Wanting to grow further he studied several forms of alternative tools which gave him the grounding to now being a Key note speaker traveling the world. Teaching decades of perseverance, commitment, adaption, competition, and the art of staying ahead in a shaky age.
What People Are Saying About Peter
If you’re Looking for a world class presentation that will leave your audience spellbound, look no further than Peter Dempsey. Peter, your presentation at our recent winter retreat left our members truly inspired. Your message, resilience and incredible story will change lives I have no doubt. Thank you for sharing your remarkable journey. 

Paul McCarthy 
Australia’s Leading Small Business Marketing Specialist 

As a keynote speaker, I have seen and experienced how Peter delivers an extra-ordinarily powerful message of persistence, resilience, and how to overcome bullying. In today’s world of cyber, verbal and physical bullying, Peter explains what it takes to overcome and prevent this trend then how to take ownership of one’s self and ones belief. 
If your organization is looking to engage a keynote speaker who can and will completely take the audience out of their oblivious comfort zone to this type of behavior and address inner fears, Peter is the person to deliver this message to corporate groups.

Christine Williams 
I am a property portfolio strategist 

Wow Peter! Your keynote presentation on your story, your resilience and what it takes for individuals to develop their ‘Superpower' was inspirational. A well crafted keynote presentation that hit the right notes and had your audience wanting more. Thank you for making the conference even more memorable than it already was. If you are looking for a speaker that can uplift a group, define what it means to overcome adversity and demonstrate grit and resilience through extraordinary odds, Peter is that keynote speaker. His story and presentation appears to business people and students alike. Highly recommended.

Micheal Peiniger
CEO, Executive Leadership Coach and Master Facilitator at Kemelons - Developing Leaders

Peter is a walking, talking miracle. Given only a 6% chance of living at the age of 5 and almost no chance of coming out of a vegetative state, Peter has emerged to become a keynote speaker against the greatest odds imaginable. His remarkable story will make you laugh, cry and rejoice in the power of the human spirit and leave you knowing that you really can achieve your dreams. 

“It is not because things are to difficult we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult"


More Testimonial 
I have had the pleasure of witnessing Peter present his very inspirational story. He’s the definition of resilient! 

Brett Dashwood 
Global Customer Communication Expert

I was recently fortunate to hear Peter speak at a winter retreat. His personal story of courage and determination had his audience captivated. Peter’s presentation came from the heart and he delivered an inspiring story of resilience, with a never give up attitude. Well-done, Peter. 

Debbie O'Callaghan
Managing Director at DC on the Lake Holding Park

I was privileged to hear Peter present as a keynote speaker at a recent conference. Wow!! 
A moving, inspiring and motivating speaker, Peter shows that true grit and determination is a recipe for success and achievement no matter where you’re coming from or the obstacles in your path. 
Highly recommended as a keynote speaker for schools and businesses who want to show their people what can be achieved no matter what challenges in life or business you might be facing. Persistence and resilience will get you there and Peter is a walking, talking example of that. 

Louise Doedee
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Peter Dempsey
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"Life can be a lot like a play: it can repeat itself; get boring; drag on; change scenes and transcend others. How do you want your play to end?"
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Who is Peter Dempsey
Peter  has built his brain up by himself from unable to walk or talk to now being a professional speaker helping out thousands do the impossible quickly and effectively accomplishing their dreams.
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