Find your Stroke of Genius
In a world filled with people who want to tell what can’t been done, Peter Dempsey is here to remind you of what you’re truly capable of achieving.
Are you ready to find your Super Power?
Peter Dempsey is a walking, talking, miracle and one of the most engaging, entertaining and riveting motivational speakers you will find.
In his keynote, he shares the powerful insights gained from a difficult childhood and uses artful storytelling and great humour to provide a roadmap for schools and companies to create more inclusive environments where diversity is celebrated and bullying is eliminated.

In this powerful presentation, Peter shares how even in the face of the most challenging of circumstances you can overcome obstacles and become a truly unstoppable force for change.

Learn how to become Unstoppable!
A message everyone needs to hear
If you are looking to inspire your team, create a more positive and supportive culture, eliminate bullying, or simply motivate people to fulfil their potential, then Peter’s remarkable story is sure to deliver.
Peter helps people to find their own unique super power, to overcome bullying and find the resilience necessary to win in our hypercompetitive world.

What People Are Saying About Peter
If you’re looking for a world class presentation that will leave your audience spellbound, look no further than Peter Dempsey.

Peter, your presentation at our recent winter retreat left our members truly inspired. 

Your message, resilience and incredible story will change lives I have no doubt. Thank you for sharing your remarkable journey. 

Paul McCarthy 
Australia’s Leading Small Business Marketing Specialist 

As a keynote speaker, I have seen and experienced how Peter delivers an extra-ordinarily powerful message of persistence, resilience, and how to overcome bullying. In today’s world of cyber, verbal and physical bullying, Peter explains what it takes to overcome and prevent this trend then how to take ownership of one’s self and one's belief. 
If your organisation is looking to engage a keynote speaker who can and will completely take the audience out of their oblivious comfort zone to this type of behavior and address inner fears, Peter is the person to deliver this message to corporate groups.

Christine Williams 
 Property Portfolio Strategist 
Wow Peter! Your keynote presentation on your story, your resilience and what it takes for individuals to develop their ‘Super Power' was inspirational. A well crafted keynote presentation that hit the right notes and had your audience wanting more. Thank you for making the conference even more memorable than it already was. If you are looking for a speaker that can uplift a group, define what it means to overcome adversity and demonstrate grit and resilience through extraordinary odds, Peter is that keynote speaker. His story and presentation appears to business people and students alike. Highly recommended.

Micheal Peiniger
CEO, Executive Leadership Coach and Master Facilitator at Kameleons - Developing Leaders
Who is Peter Dempsey?
Peter has taken on the responsibility to be a voice for change and to provide a pathway to a more accepting, tolerant and supportive community. His message of resilience will resonate through classrooms, boardrooms and dining rooms across the country.

He is a beacon of hope and a shining a light for the need to eliminate bullying in all its forms. He is providing victims with strategies to reconnect to, or find their own super power and helping them realise their value. He reminds companies, schools and families  that we must never turn a blind eye to bullying and that it is up to all of us to step up and shape the world we want to create.

After suffering a crippling stroke as a child, Peter has spent the past 20 years learning to walk and talk again. Fuelled by his dream to become a professional speaker, Peter has done what most people labelled as impossible and today shares his remarkable story with anyone who is ready to listen.
“Everyone has a stroke of genius inside them, all we need to do is help each other find it”.

 Peter Dempsey
More Testimonials 
I was recently fortunate to hear Peter speak. His personal story of courage and determination had his audience captivated. Peter’s presentation came from the heart and he delivered an inspiring story of resilience, with a never give up attitude. Well-done, Peter. 

Debbie O'Callaghan
Managing Director at DC on the Lake
I was privileged to hear Peter present as a keynote speaker at a recent conference. Wow!! 

A moving, inspiring and motivating speaker, Peter shows that true grit and determination is a recipe for success and achievement no matter where you’re coming from or the obstacles in your path. 

Highly recommended as a keynote speaker for schools and businesses who want to show their people what can be achieved no matter what challenges in life or business you might be facing. 

Persistence and resilience will get you there and Peter is a walking, talking example of that. 

Louise Doedee
Essential Safety Measures
Peter is authentic, relatable and humble in his approach. His sincere delivery is raw and often confronting but reminds the audience of the reality of his experiences. His message of gratefulness and perseverance is relevant to all. It is a pleasure to see Peter tackling all that life throws his way with such determination to succeed. We can all learn something from him. I know I did! 

 Jodie McLeod, Community Development Manager, St. Aloysius College
Peter Dempsey
Peter and his team will see you soon
I look forward to sharing my story with you.
Own the Power Pty Ltd
South Australia, SA

Who is Peter?

From bring unable to walk or talk, Peter has built his brain again to now bring a professional speaker, helping thousands to do the impossible, quickly an effectively accomplishing their dreams.
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